Words and acronyms that I take credit for inventing:

"denewing": the process of making a book that has been designated NEW (for the purposes of shorter checkout periods and appealing to patrons) no longer special.

"rebun": returning the hair to the natural librarian state, i.e., the bun.

"load rage": the antagonistic feeling that one gets when a computer creeps along at a snail's pace. [Ok, so this one is in Urban Dictionary, but there's a particular iteration that happens in public libraries that are equipped only with ancient technology...]

"genrefusion": Genres were fused, we didn't know what was going on, we didn't like it . . . we were confused (TM @Tuphlos)

HMP: High Maintenance Patron

RRQ: A Real Reference Question (requiring actual thought and application of Master's-level thinking skills, or at least being awake) vs. "where is the bathroom?" and "what time is it?"

Wuthering Heights Syndrome: Hating a book or refusing to read any further because of an irrational dislike of every character in it.