Saturday, June 28, 2008


So we were actually in a situation the other day when we were at a Sun game and there were so many jump balls that they actually had to play the traditional jump ball songs more than once, and possibly in one case three times. For the record, these traditional songs are (in order of appearance):

"Jump Around" - House of Pain
"Jump" - Van Halen
"Jump" - Kriss Kross

As a regular consumer, I think they could stand to mix it up a little more, for those situations where -- since the WNBA does not have an alternate possession rule -- we are bored out of our minds because the referees can't call fouls when they should. Here are some songs I would recommend that the Sun, and possibly the league, consider adding to the rotation:

1. "The Joint is Really Jumping Down at Carnegie Hall" - Judy Garland - Sure, this is probably one of Judy's least well known songs, and it includes the lyrics:

The philharmonic was so dignified
But now they're groovy and starting to ride,
Handel and Haydn are facing the wall
'cause The Joint Is Really Jumpin' down in Carnegie Hall.

I think the New York Liberty, in particular, could benefit, seeing as Carnegie Hall is just up the street. Who wouldn't be entertained by the thought of executing some classical composers? I wonder what they would request for their last meals? It's a nice change-of-pace song for that fourth jump ball.

2. "Jump" - The Pointer Sisters - Why not go retro? In the case of this group, you could probably actually book them to come sing the song live when that crucial fifth jump ball happens. Just for variety.

3. "Jumper" - Third Eye Blind - Sure, it's a little depressing, but sometimes you just want to put the past away. Especially when you've reached the point of the sixth jump ball.

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