Monday, April 19, 2010

Meditation on Methods of Remembering Things

I am a chronic not rememberer of things, particularly things I am supposed to do. Particularly things I don't want to do that I am supposed to do. I also have trouble remembering the date. And the day, for that matter. To try to remember to do these things, whether they are work or home-related, or at least so I can't make the excuse that I wasn't reminded to do them, I have tried the following methods:
  • One of those fancy desk calendars where you have a bunch of space for each day
  • One of those hanging wall calendars, usually featuring baseball players, or penguins, or cute cats
  • One of those nifty Moleskine weekly planners--one of many Moleskines in my life
  • Post-it notes on the bathroom mirror
  • Post-it notes near the door
  • Tiny scraps of paper that quickly pile up like snowflakes on my desk
By far the best method of remembering I have ever found, however, is the hand-writing method. Let me say now that I know ALL ABOUT Sarah Palin, and the fact that she writes on her hand too may be one of the only things I will ever find to like about her. But let me emphasize that I am not a "major political figure" (at least not that I know of) who is making a speech about something. I'm just trying to remember to get to the bank before it closes. Also, she writes on the inside of her hand, and I write on the back of mine--it tickles too much to write on my palm, even though this utterly destroys my "Palm Pilot" pun.

Hand-writing: It washes off, but it usually sticks around long enough to jog the mind a little. Here is a sampling of my last week of reminders:

 This could say lunch, or lump, but I think it might be "bank"--dangers of hand washing

Two out of three of these things might have been accomplished


Whoops, I think I still need to do some of those things--time to re-write

Paperback order, replacements . . . more work-related notes. The bank again.

A rare clear day--must be the weekend

This system really works, people. I recommend that everyone try it immediately. Also, now that I have my new watch (pictured above), I don't have to remember the date. Score!

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booksNyarn said...

It works, as long as you use the correct writing implement. Which means NO pencils.

I find that I am a very visual/tactile person, so a lot of times the actual writing of the note sticks it in my head. This helped immensely during school, and there was little note reviewing necessary because I knew what I meant.

As opposed to these days, at times.