Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book Review: The Scorpion [2009]

I am a big fan of the romance novel, and in particular the lesbian romance novel, and Gerri Hill is usually one of my go-to authors. However, I don't usually like her "action" stories as much as her generic romances, and unfortunately The Scorpion falls squarely into that category.

The plot involves a reporter who digs a little too far into a cold case in Brownsville, Texas, and the local cop (shunned by her own department for being an outsider) who ends up on the run with her after it seems like the police might be a little too involved. Their names are Marty and Kristen, and I've definitely heard worse in terms of lesbian romance protagonists, but the story requires more suspension of disbelief (as the two go "under" to investigate the identity of the mysterious Scorpion) than I was prepared to give. I also didn't love the high body count, although I did think that the whole frigidity issue (Marty is an orphan and thus has never learned to trust anyone) was an intriguing one to tackle. (Spoiler alert!) Marty finds that she can actually desire physical intimacy, with the right person. It is a romance novel, after all.

Grade: C

Dead Mother: Yes (Bonus: TWO DEAD MOTHERS!)
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