Friday, June 8, 2012

What I Learned from Armchair BEA

I am not a "book blogger."

I read for me, I write for me. 

I don't care about giveaways.

I don't have the patience or discipline to write posts on subjects I'm not interested in.

I would like to have the patience and discipline to write more often.

I enjoy meeting people online.

I enjoy adding books to my TBR list, even though it may be years before I read them.

I'm not a book blogger, but I love writing about books and libraries.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I'm not sure that Armchair BEA should really define book blogging-ness, because I've been watching it and haven't really seen anything interesting...

Also, I've realized there's a big difference between my kind of book blogging (to help expose a small niche of literature) and most book blogging (whatever you like reading, which turns into whatevers ARCs sound interesting). I think there's lots of different kinds of book blogger, and Armchair BEA seems to be a distinct type.

Helgagrace said...

True, true. Maybe what I really learned is that I'm not an ideal Armchair BEA participant!