Wednesday, May 9, 2007

7 Down, 5 to Go!

I am now more than halfway done with my third (and hopefully final) degree. Hee, third degree. Anyway! It is very exciting . . . soon I will be able to put ", Librarian" after my name in a pretentious way.

I am also very excited to take Cataloging over the summer. I know that a lot of people hate it and would never ever take it if it weren't a required class, but I like to know the logic behind things. And without cataloging, how would we put books on the shelves? One of my professors said that the most important thing to have in a library is good shelf reading (because if books aren't where they're supposed to be, there's no point in having a library). But I also think that appropriate cataloging is crucial, because so many people browse rather than search the catalog . . . I'm sure that I'll have more opinions on this as the course wears on.

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