Saturday, May 5, 2007

Headed for Heartbreak?

I'm sure that I am not alone (though perhaps there aren't many in the same condition on this side of the country) when I admit that I'm biting my fingernails about tonight's sole remaining NBA first-round playoff game between the Rockets and the Jazz. Yes, its the Jazz I care about--I can't help it, I'm from Utah! This is the first year in several years that they have been in the playoffs, and so far all they've managed to do is not disgrace themselves by being swept. In a series that has been characterized by home team wins, I am not overly optimistic about their chances tonight in Houston. Even if they do manage to win, this is the only series in the first round that is even going to seven games, meaning that the winner will meet a fresh and upstart Warriors team in the second round . . . which at least guarantees a home court advantage, but look how much good that did the Mavericks. The Salt Lake Tribune ran an April Fools' article about Karl Malone coming out of retirement for the playoff run, and I hope I'm not a traitor to my team if a little part of me wishes that were true (and also Stockton, of course, and while we're at it--why not Felton Spencer? What the heck is he doing these days anyway?). Not that the Jazz managed to win it all with the StM combo, but at least it felt a lot more likely. Somehow, if they lose tonight, it won't really be heartbreaking, it will be . . . reassuring. Any team that finishes the regular season so badly probably isn't going to make it in the final round, so why not accept the inevitable early on?

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