Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tip and Wag

I envision this like Stephen Colbert's Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger.

Tip of My Hat:

Utah Jazz
, for not folding under pressure like they (sometimes) are wont to do. Bring on the Golden State Warriors! (Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but I find them rather intimidating after they destroyed Dallas).

Connecticut Sun, for starting off the pre-season with a win and making me glad that I'm a women's basketball fan. That stretch of time between the NCAA championships and now was a painful month, but I made it through!

Wag of My Finger:

New York Yankees
! Why are you paying Roger Clemens $6.5 million a month to pitch for you? You would have been fine! Not that I'm a Yankees fan--I'd like to emphatically deny that right here and now. However, this move is so ridiculous and over the top (in the beginning of May, people!) that it makes me hope even more that Clemens pitches like crap and gives up five home runs a game and breaks his ankle on June 5th and they'll be right back where they were!

On the opposite note, way to go Red Sox for actually taking two of three from the Twins in the dreaded Metrodome. It could have been a sweep with the way Santana was pitching yesterday, but I think they'll take it and run all the way to the other indoor arena where they always get beaten: The Rogers Centre.


The Soul of a New Machine said...

Remember the 2005 World Series?

I think Clemens had some trouble against an AL team?

The Clemens move marks another desparate move for Steinbrenner and Co. who did not use the Free Agent Market to fix their pitching issues...

Say hello to more Luxury Tax!!!

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