Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Meditation on the Past Self

It seems to me that there has been a lot of meditating on our past selves going around. Stephen Fry wrote a letter to the 16-year version of himself. Miss Cassandra wonders what the 13 year old version of herself would think of the current version. And, of course, there's Dinosaur Comics. I wonder what my thirteen year old self would think of the current me? I have a feeling she would think I'm not reading nearly enough. Same with my sixteen year old self, who was still in the habit of bringing a book wherever she went, even to social outings, and reading it whenever she didn't feel like something more worthwhile was happening. My past selves were uniformly convinced that books were better company than almost any people (possibly even all people), and that is the major difference between them and current me: I've learned to appreciate the value of people over books. Yes, books will always be there for me when I need to escape. But people can be there too, and they give better hugs. I also hope that the current version of me is a lot more comfortable with herself than younger me. Hey, future self! When you read this, remember to take the containers to the curb on Wednesday night!

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