Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie Review: Milk

I'll just come out (heh) and say it: I didn't really like Milk, as a movie. The acting wasn't that strong, and it lagged enough at times that I found myself hoping that he would get assassinated earlier, so that we could get on with it. Somehow Dan White's story and character were more interesting than Harvey Milk's (despite Sean Penn's best efforts), and I always have trouble watching movies where there is one female character with a speaking role. Yes, I realize this encompasses Star Wars as well. Despite all this, the message of Milk is important, which I'm sure is why it was critically acclaimed. We didn't get where we are today--did anyone predict gay marriage in Iowa?--without the dedicated efforts of activists from an earlier time. It is still important for people in the GLBT community to come out publicly, especially celebrities, to let those in mainstream America (particularly teenagers) know that there are real people being affected by the Proposition Sixes and Eights of the world. Or we could just make them watch Milk.

Grade: C

ETA: Shame on California voters, anyway, for passing Prop. 8. I guess it's not going to be repealed in the immediate future. At least everyone who got married in the interim gets to stay married. Everyone else gets civil unions.

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