Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Restaurant Review: La Casita Azteca

Located on Cottage street in Easthampton, MA, La Casita Azteca is a relatively recent addition to the neighborhood. This family operation is tucked away from the street and has modest seating (6 tables inside, picnic seating outside, as well as a convenient hammock) but good food and reasonable prices. Chips and salsa made an excellent beginning--the server brought us some of the chef's special hot sauce, a tasty combination of oil and chili that cleared the sinuses. None of the salsas were terribly spicy to my companions' Western palates, but they were flavorful nonetheless. The entrees were also filling and delicious, our only complaint being the lack of vegetarian options for main dishes (which would save the trouble of ordering them with just rice and beans rather than having to specify "no chicken" for example), which could be remedied by a simple menu tweak. I'm sure we will be back to sample further, and perhaps even order dessert.

Grade: B

Any restaurant that offers Orangina is a winner in my book.

Menu here.

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Helgagrace said...


Went again to this restaurant, and they had real menus with real vegetarian options. Sweet!