Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back Again

Classes have started for the summer semester, so naturally I have returned to considering all that relates to library science and sports. Particularly Cataloging and the Red Sox, since the NBA playoffs are done and I am on partial strike against the WNBA until they change their new uniforms (Yuck!) and the Sun pull it together and have better than a 1-4 record at home. We watched the 2nd half of their game last night against the Liberty and it was . . . let me coin a word here . . . wincerrific.

Here is my burning question of the moment: has anyone ever made it to the bottom of a tube of chapstick? Is there anything down there? I know in my house growing up, we had tubes of chapstick that were metal rather than plastic, so I always assumed that chapstick was self-refilling or something. I am off to learn more about MARC records . . .


Cassandra Mortmain said...

Obsessed as I am with Burt's Beeswax lip balm, I have reached the bottom of many a tube and they basically work on the same principle of a push pop or push-up ice cream mabobbers, where the lollipop/ice cream/lip balm is placed on a plastic platform that you push up from the bottom.

The lip balm contraption is a little more complex than a push pop, working with a corkscrew like action rather than, so, when you finish a tube of lipstick, you're left with a plastic, corkscrew ord the length of the tube and a sort of teeny plastic cup with a whole in the bottom that serves as the pushed up part of the thingummy.

That was maybe a little more detail than you needed, but since when have I been sparse with my words?

Tenacity training starts next week. I wish for myself you were going to be there, but am happy for you that you are far far away, surrounded by book loving people. I just ordered my Simmons GLIS info packet and application yesterday though, so hopefully bookloving people are somewhere in my near future.

Helgagrace said...

That's GSLIS and not GLIS! Really . . . youth these days.

Jeff said...

Still have a (the) metal chapstick. The only kind, really.

djm said...

"Jeff" is not responsible for the preceding comment; I just used the existing stuff before getting up to speed on my own. Speed being relative, and so am I.