Friday, June 22, 2007

MARC records are fascinating

Clearly this is why I am in the right place. This morning the power went out at the library, and we had to close our doors because we can't have people going upstairs and hurting themselves (or doing anything else, I hesitate to guess what) in the dark stacks. Also it is difficult to check out books to people when your circulation system requires electricity. One of the French translations of which was "jus." Now we are all out of whack and it reminds me again how much reliance there is on computers in the library. We use them to look things up. To make signs. To find out whether a patron has five million dollars in fines or has had a restraining order placed against them. To check the weather. I guess the people that keep their physical reference collections around "just in case" might have a point.

In other news, my library just got "Brokeback Mountain" in Russian (the text, not the movie, although it does borrow from the movie photo). Awesome.

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