Saturday, June 23, 2007


The CT Sun finally pulled out a win last night, ending their franchise-longest losing streak at five games and making my waning faith perk up a bit. Not that I'm a fair-weather fan, but the dismal home record and the inability to win close games was becoming somewhat wearing. Luckily the Red Sox continue to impress, despite slipping a bit in June, and the Yankees (even though they mounted a spirited comeback and will doubtless continue to creep closer) look more human than they did a week ago after being swept by the Rockies.

I never did wrap up the NBA season, so here are my thoughts re: the surprising (to some sports media heads) Jazz season. If they can quit bickering and get a good few rookies through the draft, as they have done in several recent years, they may actually have a chance to contend for the title next year.

I just saw the Boston Bruins revised uni designs on Uni Watch, and they're pretty awesome. When I heard that the NHL was going to redesign their uniforms--perhaps in an attempt to redesign league-wide attendance to reach a higher number?--I was, naturally, petrified. Especially after the WNBA debacle earlier this year. I haven't forgiven you yet, Adidas!

In other sporting news, I was reminded while listening to Only A Game this morning that the professional women's soccer league will soon be reborn. I have to confess that I am looking forward to the women's world cup and the possibility of going to a few matches in New England, after all the fun we had attending the last World Cup at Foxboro. I wonder if any of the games will be on Gol TV?

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